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13 Oct 2009 02:36 - 21 Oct 2009 05:27 #196 by garfi3ld
Participants will be running the latest update via Steam. If you are unable download the update, please see a staff member.
Tournament Begins: Saturday, October 24 @ 1PM
All participants should sign up prior to the tournament start.

Tournament Rules:
• Groups of up to eight players will compete for the top positions of several rounds.
• The first round will be a Time Attack game for ten minutes. The top four times of each group will advance to the next round.
• The second round will be Rounds game to a total of 50 points.
• This format will continue until only one group of eight remains for the final round. That round will be a Rounds game to 50 points.
• The track list will be Nadeo White Tracks A01 to A15, with a time limit of five minutes.
• Players must be present and ready to start at the beginning of each round. Absent or tardy players will receive no handicaps, and the round will not restart due to an absent player.

Staff reserves the right to alter the rules at any time. Proper and prompt notice will be given.


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