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20 Oct 2009 07:49 - 21 Oct 2009 05:29 #421 by garfi3ld
Participants will be running the update patch v1.1.1.6729. This can be downloaded via the Lan Control Center. If you are unable to obtain the update, please see a staff member. Crysis Wars must be updated and ready to play at the time of the tournament’s start.

Tournament Begins: Saturday, October 24 @ 6PM
All participants should sign up prior to the tournament start.

Tournament Rules:
• The game type will be Instant Action in Free-for-all format.
• The tournament will consist of five matches, the top five players from each match receiving the following points: 1st = 5 pts, 2nd = 4 pts, 3rd = 3 pts, 4th = 2 pts, 5th = 1 pt.
• In the case that multiple players achieve the same number of kills, each player will receive points corresponding with the highest rank.
• The player with the most cumulative points at the end of the five matches will be declared the winner of the tournament. For example, if two players tie for position 3 but are at position 3 and 4, both players receive 3 points and position 5 will still receive 1 point.
• In the case of a draw, the players will match off in a 1vs1 on a map decided at the time, unlimited time limit, first to 20 kills.
• Map rotations will be as follows: Round 1 – Battleground, Round 2 – Coast, Round 3 – Graveyard, Round 4 – Peak, Round 5 – Savanna
• The server will run with the following settings: DirectX10 turned off, Battledust turned on, Time of Day turned off, Friendly Fire turned off, and Voice turned on.
• The first four maps will have a setting of 50 kills and a time limit of 15 minutes. The final and fifth map will be set to 100 kills with no time limit.
• All players must be present when the tournament begins. Official commencement will be announced, and there will be no restarting the tournament.

Staff reserves the right to alter the rules at any time. Proper and prompt notice will be given.


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