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23 Nov 2017 18:56 #38444 by cytog64
Hollow Knight was created by cytog64
Over the last few weeks, I have put in about 30+ hours on this 2D platformer. It is an interesting game from an Austrailian developer on the classic Metroidvania genre. The character's main attack is melee (unlike a shooter such as Metroid or Axiom Verge). I've explored 95% of the game and recommend it to anyone who likes this genre; however, you will need a great deal of patience as some of the content is seriously difficult. It is much larger and more difficult than Ori was, but I think it is a richer experience because of that fact.

Demo Video:

There are some insanely hard parts of this game(I think it was built for the speedrunners)...and I found myself, more than once, dead to a set of spikes because I was just a few pixels off. I don't think I have had a game make me drop a lot of swear words in a while.

Want an example? There is a section called the white palace(optional location)... I wasted a good 4 hours on it. Later I found a speed runner completing it in 6 mins:
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