sticky Removed Ads - Wait until you see what happened next

19 Dec 2016 18:25 - 19 Dec 2016 18:32 #38271 by garfi3ld
Just a heads up, there aren't currently ads running up on top or on the sidebar of the website. I noticed an issue where we had ads redirecting people away from the website to shady websites and with that, I pulled the ads down altogether until I get things worked out. As I do rely on the website for income I will be taking a hit, but I couldn't put our readers/visitors at risk. That said our amazon affiliate links on our reviews are still live and are a huge help when/if readers shop, so support there is always appreciated.

I hope everyone is staying warm! This week I have a few awesome reviews in the works. Hoping to have coverage of the Caselabs Bullet BH7 and the Arozzi Arena Desk.

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