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01 Apr 2013 00:07 #30239 by garfi3ld
Our video card benchmark suite is always changing but this week expect to see an even larger influx of new benchmarks. I wanted to post these up here because I am always interested in hearing feedback on the tests that we run.

Here is our up to date testing suite for video cards (new in bold)
3DMark 11 Perf
3DMark 11 Extreme
3DMark Fire Strike
3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

Batman Arkham Asylum
F1 2011
Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition
Total War: Shogun 2
Crysis 2 DX11 Ultra textures
Crysis 2 DX9
Battlefield 3
Sniper V2 Elite
Dirt Showdown
Unreal Heaven 4.0
Unreal Heaven 4.0 heat testing
Tomb Raider
Hitman: Absolution

Here are the benchmarks that we are removing
3DMark Vantage Perf
3DMark Vantage High
Dirt 3
Metro 2033 DX11
Metro 2033 DX9
Unreal Heaven 3.0
Furmark Heat Testing

I am still looking to add more benchmarks/replace a few benchmarks that we are still using
Bioshock Infinite (I'm going to add this once I get a copy of the game)
Sleeping Dogs (I'm also going to ad this once I get a copy of it to use)
Resident Evil 6 benchmark tool (I'm considering adding this one as well, what do you guys think of it)
F1 2011 (We currently use this one, I'm considering removing it or maybe replacing it with F1 2012. Only because the date makes it seem older than it is. They launch F1 games at the end of the year)

What do you guys think?


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01 Apr 2013 01:06 #30240 by Lersar
Replied by Lersar on topic We are adding new benchmarks
I'd like to see RE6, if only just to see what it does once.

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01 Apr 2013 01:12 #30241 by garfi3ld
yeah I was interested in it as well. The only reason I didn't add it right away were a few claims that the benchmark favored one manufacture (nvidia). I may just start using it and make sure that it doesn't before I actually start publishing results from it


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03 Apr 2013 06:09 - 03 Apr 2013 06:20 #30264 by SpeedBump
Tomb Raider. looks amazing. I only wish nvidia would get a patch finished. Issues with the GTX6xx cards crashing. I can play it with tess off, but only for about 10 minutes at a clip. At first thought it was my overclocks. Backed everything to stock and still crashes. Did a quick search only to find out driver problems with the 600 series. Sad...sooo sad. Want to play this game, uninterrupted and without having to do a hard reset of my PC every 10 minutes. (BTW, not a heat issue either. CPU maxes at 60c and GPU maxes at 40c during gameplay and benching)

Speakin of benching. Got it to run thru a few times at stock speeds.

Ultimate Settings @ 1920x1200
MIN FPS: 35.8
MAX FPS: 54.4
AVG FPS: 44.1
File Attachment:

Ultimate Settings @1920x1080
MIN FPS: 42.7
MAX FPS: 72.0
AVG FPS: 54.2
File Attachment:

Wes, run your beast. This game REALLY likes ATI! Your 4 big boys should chew this up and spit it out.
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