FAQ and Event Rules



Event Pricing

When our tickets first go on sale they are $20, typically they sell out during this time. Around a month before the LAN the price goes up to $25. We do not currently do at the LAN pricing because we lock down seating 2 weeks before the LAN to make nametags and everything else. 

General Admission 

To keep everyone's expensive equipment safe we don't allow spectators or general admission. 

Buying a space for a friend

You can buy more than one seat and just input your friend's information into the seat or transfer the seat directly to your friends LanReg account email. You MUST put in your friend's username and email by the lockdown time (a little over 2 weeks before the event). Without this, we won't be able to order them a namebadge and without a namebadge, they can't get in or out of the event. 

Multiple monitors and screen size limitations

Due to both space and power limitations we don't allow multiple monitor configurations unless you buy a second seat. As for larger monitors the general rule of thumb is that you need to be able to fit ALL of your monitor on your 3 foot wide desk space. We can't allow things to hang off the table into the isles because it can become an obstruction.

Is my system too powerful?

Overall the total wattage of your power supply isn't a concern, it is the amount of power that your computer draws. It is generally more of an issue when running multiple video card configurations. We don't police this unless we start to have power issues on your circuit. If we have issues, we may ask you to turn off SLI or Crossfire while at the event to prevent other issues. You can avoid this by getting two seats, but due to the limited number of seats we have compared to how many people who want to come we don't want multiple seats to be taken up unless it is needed.

How is our raffle handled?

Every person who pays for a seat gets a number on their name badge. We enter everyone’s name into the drum and draw out numbers multiple times per day (you can find the times on the schedule). If you are not in the building or do not respond in a timely manner we will put your name back into the raffle. You can't give your ticket to anyone else if you leave. Buying multiple seats won't get you any additional raffle tickets as well. If at the end of the event we have prizes left over we will take everyone's name badges and do a second drawing.

Is the staff included in the raffle?

Sadly we try to keep this split up so that there aren't any questions as far as the integrity of our raffle. We do host a small staff raffle for the staff the night before but keep in mind all of the work that the staff puts into the event for everyone and make sure to thank them when you have a chance!

How do you handle tournaments?

Long before our events start we ask for game/tournament suggestions. We take this list and put together a poll and vote. The games that win will be our tournament as long as it is possible. We try to make sure the list only consists of tournament ideas that will fit into the schedule and that don't have other limitations that prevent them from being a fair tournament. We do sometimes let the staff pick a tournament or two as well, especially when tournament variety gets stale, to keep things exciting. Once you are at the LAN you can sign up for our tournaments on our internal website. Please keep in mind that we do host more than one tournament at the LAN and with that we have to make considerations  to keep each tournament limited to our scheduled window of time. 

What about games that aren't tournaments?

Well, we are open to playing anything, we do ask that you post it up ahead of time if possible so we can get it up on our game list and so we can make sure our network is configured to handle it properly. At the LAN you can reach out to people on our shoutcasting on the internal website or in the looking to play channel on our Teamspeak.

What is the Old School Tournament all about?

This is a big tradition at LanOC. We pick out a game and don't announce the title until the tournament starts. The reason for this is to try to keep the playing field as level as possible. The goal when picking a game is to find a game that most everyone has played but no one has played recently. We are always open to game suggestions, please post them up on our Master Old School Recommendation List. This way we can keep the games in mind for future events.

What do we use for voice communication at the LAN?

Both at the LAN and the rest of the year we use the most up to date version of Teamspeak. You can find our online server address on the right side of this website. At the LAN you can find the on network Teamspeak information on the home page of our internal website. We will ask you to use this for tournaments and other gaming. Please do not try to use other off-network communications, they add additional load to our internet.

Tabletop games at the event

As long as we have room we are perfectly fine with tabletop games. We try to make sure we have a table or two setup for people to eat, hangout, etc. If there isn't a table ask a member of the staff and we will do our best to help you out.

Bringing your own console

This question comes up a lot. We don't mind people bringing a console and hooking it up to their monitor at their table. We have even had people sign up for a seat and bring a TV and console for them and their friends to play on. Sometimes we can even let you setup in the back room for this as long as we don't have other events planned back there but you will need to check with us before doing this. We can't, however, provide any sort of projector or TV for this use typically.

Can I participate in all of the tournaments?

You can play in multiple, but we do sometimes run more than one at the same time. When signing up please keep an eye on the start time to make sure that there are no obvious overlaps.

Can I rent a PC or Monitor?

If you need help with something, post up on the event forum asking for help. We don't provide anything but generally if you ask far enough ahead someone might be able to help you out.

Can I sell stuff at the event?

We do have a for sale table for this exact reason, prior approval is required if you are a business

Can I bring a game server?

Of course! We just ask that you bring it up to the staff area and have it hooked up at "server row". This way it doesn't add power load to your table and it gets the best possible connection. You will need to be able to manage your system remotely.

What are the prizes for tournaments?

We do our best to make sure we have great prizes for every tournament but most of the time we don't announce the prizes until we are at the event. This helps deter those who only come for prizes as well as give us time to make sure we have enough prizes to spread around. We do our best to keep the tournaments about having fun more than about what you will win.

Is my system safe?

We do our best to keep the people in the building just to attendees and at night we lock down the room and don't allow equipment to come or go from the building. Having said that, you are still responsible for keeping your area secure. That means don't leave things sitting around that someone could snatch up. We also ask everyone to keep an eye on your neighbors. If you see someone poking around that isn't the person sitting there don't be afraid to say something to them or to staff.

Event Parking

Our location has parking available around our building and the building next door. There is also parking behind the building next to us. You can pull up and bring your hardware in then try to park as far away to leave room for everyone else. Please make sure you don't block access to the parking areas in front of and behind the building next to us.

If you have other questions please feel free to post on the forums or contact Wes directly, we can take those questions and add more to the FAQ to help people in the future.

Refunds and Seat exchanges

Sadly we do not refund seat purchases. As money comes in we are picking up the supplies and equipment needed for the events as well as paying for all of our additional operating costs. We do allow you to give you seat to someone else if you would like or if you would like you can give it back to the event for someone on our waiting list to pick up. There are a couple things to keep in mind here. First, we will only do seat exchanges up until two weeks before the event. We have order namebadges at that time. Also if you end up buying a seat that is given back to the event you will need to pay the current price of the ticket. If you are looking to do a seat exchange with a friend you can handle it yourself using the seat transfer option on LanReg.


Event Rules


PC Players must supply the following: PC - Monitor - Keyboard - Mouse - Mouse pad - Headphones - 25ft Cat5 cable - power strip - Games that you plan on playing along with any updates needed, internet to update is not guaranteed

1) There is to be no drinking or illicit drugs at the event. Anyone caught with it will be immediately escorted from the event. Coming back to the event under the influence and being obnoxious will get you a warning and then if you don't stop you will be asked to leave. 

2) Due to the amount of power required by all the systems we must ask you to not bring any power consuming electronics with you. This includes Microwaves, toasters, bar fridges, etc.

3) No refunds will be given, Sorry but once the money comes in. It's put to good use on equipment or supplies.

4) Cheaters will automatically be removed from the event and if it takes place during a tournament, the clan as a whole will be removed from the tournament.

5) Any theft that takes place will result in a permanent ban on the individual and we will contact the police.

6) Though smack talk is common at an event such as this, we will warn then remove anyone using racist remarks, or derogatory comments.

7) We've worked hard at getting a good group of knowledgeable staff on hand to help with issues. We ask that you do NOT touch the network or any other lanoc equipment *projectors and consoles included

8) Don’t share anything that you wouldn't want everyone to see

9) Respect the people helping at the event. We will not tolerate anyone disrespecting a staff member.

10) Sometimes we will have to make calls that you don't like in regards to tournaments, rules, or the network. In the end the staff has the final say. 

11) Headphones only, please. No speakers allowed. This many speakers in one place would create an incredible noise and distract those around you.

12) A surge suppressing power strip is required to protect your equipment from surges. Uninterruptible Power Supplies are not allowed because these drain excessive power from our power grid and will cause an outage (including UPS’s built into power strips).

13) You are responsible for any damage done to the building and LanOC equipment. This includes soda spills and damage to tables. We will pass any charges from the building on to you to any damage done.

14) There is no smoking in our current location, this includes ecigs as well

15) We typically have a limited amount of internet bandwidth, we do our best to give the best gaming experience to everyone at the LAN. We do file shaping and we keep an eye out for high bandwidth usage. This means no torrenting and if a staff member asks you to check for viruses or programs running in the background please do what you can to help. If we can't find you or figure out who's PC it is we are seeing the traffic come from there is also a chance your network will be turned off until we can track you down to find the problem.

These rules are subject to change at any time.

While every effort is made to ensure a safe environment for you and your system, the hosts of this event (LanOC, staff, and volunteers) accept no liability for damage or loss occurred while participating in the event, this includes but is not limited to damage to your property (computer, car etc), virus infection, theft and personal injury. The act of transporting sensitive electronic devices (such as computers and monitors) is hazardous to the proper operation of such devices and may cause physical damage to their sensitive electronic components. Connecting your electronic equipment to the network and power grid may subject the equipment to viruses, power surges, brownouts, blackouts, and other hazardous conditions. Attendance is at the participant's own risk, and it is the participant's responsibility to ensure that they have adequate anti-virus protection, firewall, surge protected power strips, etc. You may be ejected from the LanOC for breaking any of these rules or at the discretion of LanOC Staff. You are not entitled to a refund if you are ejected for any reason.


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