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The packaging for the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus has a similar look to the Trance Go. It has the off-white background and a large picture of the speaker on the front being splashed into water to let you know it is waterproof. In the top left corner, they have the Soundcore by Anker logo, and in the top right the Motion Boom Plus model name. But for the big white text, this has EXTREME OUTDOOR SOUND not party proof like the Trance Go. Then along the bottom, they have the icons that show you some of the features again like Party Cast 2.0, Bass Up, IQ, and Bluetooth. Then they have a few with more information like the battery icon showing that you get 20 hours of playtime and the water icon showing IP67. Around on the back, there is another picture of the Motion Boom Plus that shows the back and side this time. The rest of the back is filled with those icons for features with short descriptions of each feature and they also have a listing of what is in the box as well.

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Inside the box, the Motion Boom Plus is wrapped in a soft plastic bag and then has the recycled cardboard forms on each end to keep it centered and away from any damage and to absorb any drops. The documentation comes in a small bag and is sitting up on top. You get a quick start guide that is specific to the Motion Boom Plus, a legal warning, and the how do we sound feedback request that the Trance Go also had. Beyond the Motion Boom Plus, there is also the USB charging cable sitting up on top. The Motion Boom Plus’s charging cable is a Type-C to Type-C USB cable and like with the Trance Go it is extremely short at 1-2 feet long which isn’t much to work with. Thankfully it is a Type-C charging connection so you can use any standard Type-C cable like your phone's charging cord. Otherwise, with the Type-C to Type-C, you will need an AC adapter or need to charge plugged into your PC if it has Type-C.

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The Motion Boom Plus has an old school boombox size and shape going on. It is 15.31 inches long 7.7 inches tall, and 5.51 inches deep. The main housing is kind of like a squared-off tube but then it does have the plastic handle that runs the entire top for carrying. The enclosure is plastic but then the Motion Boom Plus has a metal mesh across the front. This mesh is slightly finer than the Trance Go’s which had larger holes in it. They have the Soundcore logo in the middle along the bottom then if you look closely you can see the speakers inside behind the mesh. There are four in total, two tweeters and two woofers for stereo sound. Like with the Trance Go Soundcore doesn’t list the driver sizes but they do let us know that the two woofers are both 30 watts each and the tweeters are 10 watts each. The woofers measure from the inside edge of the rubber to be 6cm or a little under 2 and a half inches which means they should be around 3-inch drivers and the tweeters are right at 1 inch, both being smaller than the Trance Go but you are getting twice the number of speakers. The Motion Boom Plus is in total an 80-watt speaker where the Trance Go was 50.

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The large carrying handle that runs the entire top of the Motion Boom Plus is what reminds me so much of old school boomboxes. Not the big 80’s style but more like the mid 90’s Sony boomboxes. Of course, the Motion Boom Plus does have boom in its name so maybe that is what they are going for. The top of the handle has the Soundcore name on it as well as angled groves as well. Then at the ends, there are metal hooks built-in for hooking the included carrying strap. Under the carrying handle, they have the top controls. Unlike the Trance Go which had a whole rubber pad, these are individual rubber buttons sticking through the plastic housing. On the left, you have the Bass Up button that turns the bass boost on and off, or if you press and hold it will switch between indoor and outdoor EQ modes this button lights up white. Next is the Bluetooth button which is for setting up your Bluetooth connection, this lights up blue of course. On the right side, you have the power button which lights up white, and then last on the end is the PartCast button which the Motion Boom Plus uses a new PartyCast 2.0 so it doesn’t sync with the Trance Go. It will sync with other Motion Boom Pluses and Motion Booms. In the middle, the black buttons which don’t have backlighting are the volume up and down controls and the center Soundcore logo is actually the play/pause button which if you press it two or three times will also skip forwards and back in your music.

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The Motion Boom Plus does come with a carrying strap to go with the strap hooks on the top corners. The strap is an inch and a half wide and is adjustable. They have the Soundcore logo and name on the ends as well. But what impressed me was the hook design which is all metal and has spring-loaded clips which are extremely easy to use.

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The back of the Motion Boom Plus is all plastic and like the top of the handle has the Soundcore logo debossed into the plastic as well as large groves that cover most of the back. In the center, down near the bottom is the heavy-duty rubber plug used to keep the Motion Boom Plus waterproof. You open this from the left side and this one is harder to get a grip on than the Trance Go. There are three seals to keep the water out and on the back of the plug, they have hidden the serial number. Behind all of that, you have the Type-C plug for charging the Motion Boom Plus and on the right, the headphone jack is used as an audio input. The Motion Boom Plus only comes with a charging cable so if you want to hard wire up your audio connection you will need a male-to-mail cable for that. Then the center plug is a standard USB Type-A connection, this is a USB power output that you can plug a phone charging cable into. You can use this to use the 13400 mAh battery built into the Motion Boom Plus to charge devices when out by the pool/lake/ocean/etc.

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The tube-like design of the Motion Boom Plus also utilizes passive radiators at both ends of the sealed speaker enclosure to gain more bass output. Both are the same design and have the Soundcore logo on them. They don’t miss any chance to slip their logo in that’s for sure.

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So Soundcore accidentally also sent over the original Motion Boom which has nearly the same boombox-like design as the Motion Boom Plus. The Motion Boom is 30 watts compared to the 80 watts of the Motion Boom Plus and is noticeably smaller at 13.62 long vs the 15.31 of the Motion Boom Plus and is 4.41 pounds vs the 5.29 of the plus. The Motion Boom has smaller 2.5-inch speakers and doesn’t have the tweeters but does have a similar design on the ends with the passive radiators.

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The bottom of the Motion Boom Plus hard two large rubber feet towards the ends. They come with plastic on top to keep them from picking up on any dust and dirt ahead of time but they should keep the Motion Boom Plus in place once you remove the protective plastic. The bottom has all of the normal certification logos and the manufacture and FCC info that you would expect all printed on the bottom so it is out of the way. They also have the Soundcore logo and the model name as well but nothing else of importance going on down here.

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