The packaging for the MasterLiquid Pro 240 follows the same theme that Cooler Master has been doing with all of their new “Master” branded products. The box has a photo of the kit right on top with the Make It Yours branding. The 240 that designates the dual 120mm fan radiator size is in bright blue, matching the blue lighting in the pump. Beyond that, the box is dark gray and really simple. The back of the box has a breakdown of the pump design as well as the radiator. I love that they include line drawings of each component right on the back with dimensions to help people figure out if the kit will fit their build.

image 1

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Inside the box, the radiator sits at the bottom with the pump wrapped up in plastic and folded up on top of the radiator. The two fans are tucked up next to the pump as well but under the cardboard. Then over on the right is a box with all of the kits accessories and documentation.

image 3

The accessory box has the manual and warranty paperwork right up on top. This way you can look to see what parts you actually need for your build because the kit has support for just about everything including AMD and all of the different Intel sizes. You get a few bags with both intel and AMD brackets as well as the backplate that supports both. If you decide to use your own fans they do include two rubber mounting pads that you can install between the fans and the radiator. There is also a dual PWM fan adapter so you can hook both fans up to just one fan header, this helps get the watercooling kit hooked up to your CPU fan header (for the pump) and the CPU2 or CPU Optional header for your fans.

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Most of the time you get all of your screws and mounting hardware in one bag or if you are lucky it is broken down into a few smaller bags. Cooler Master tried something different this time and put everything in a formed plastic tray. Sadly, mine came in completely knocked around with parts out in the box. I did take a little time to put everything back into their homes so I could confirm I wasn’t missing anything and you can see that photo below as well.

image 7

image 10


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Today I check out the new 240mm water cooling kit from Cooler Master

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