All the way back before LanOC V14 when I was tossing around ideas for our next event we tossed around the idea of putting together a PC to give away at V15. This quickly tuned into a discussion about how to give it away. I decided early on that I wanted make sure that everyone would have a chance to win it. Well today is the day, I can officially announce our PC giveaway for LanOC V15 and more importantly I would like to announce our collaboration with Child's Play to raise money for Parkview Hospital in neighboring Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

It should be no secret that we love building computers here at LanOC, nor that we work with some pretty awesome companies leading the tech industry. We wanted to do something to help give back to the local communites of, well, our online community and the first recepient is going to be Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Specifically we will be raising money to purchase items on their wishlist submitted to Child's Play, including Wii U video game consoles, several titles such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart 8, Nintendo 2DS gaming systems, LEGOs, children's tablets, books, and more. At our upcoming LAN event, LanOC v15, we will be conducting a separate charity raffle for a custom built gaming PC (see below for the hardware list and the companies that contributed to it).

There are several ways for you to get involved! The first would be to visit us on September 6th and 7th for LanOC v15! Our BYOC seating has been sold out for quite some time, but if you aren't registered you are still welcome to stop by, check the PC out, and put in a donation for the raffle. If you are registered, the PC will be setup at the event and we will be taking donations throughout. Not going to be able to make it, but know someone who is? Your friend is more than welcome to proxy donate for you to get some tickets in the drawing. Just make sure he or she is present at the time of the raffle, and is willing to take the PC home if you win (and, you know, not hold it hostage). We aren't able to ship the PC for a number of reasons, due to weight and cost considerations. Speaking of will only be accepting cash at the event, this will be easier to keep track of and this way we don't have paypal taking their cut. We would prefer all of the money to go to the cause. Speaking of the money, tickets will be $1 or 6 for $5, bring as much as you can for a good cause!

You can also start donating NOW. Below is a link to Parkview Hospital's Amazon wishlist, the same we'll be picking items from using the money raised from the PC raffle. We encourage everyone to pick an item or two to donate to the hospital. Any purchases from this list will go directoy to Parkview Children's Hospital in Fort Wayne.

Link to Parkview Children's Hospital's Amazon Wishlist

On top of the money we will be putting together for the wishlist items, you can also donate directly to Child's Play under the LanOC name using the button below. These donations do not go towards our raffle but they will be earmarked to go directly towards Parkview Children's Hospital.

Click here to donate directly!


The PC

So first off I would like to thank all of our sponsors for contributing to this build. Here is a list of our sponsors and what they added to the build. I have linked to each of their Facebook pages if you would like to thank them.

AVADirect Computers

Windows 8.1 Pro


I7-4790K Devils Canyon CPU

Kingston HyperX

HyperX Fury SSD 240GB

HyperX Fury 8GB 1866MHz

LanOC Reviews

Assembly and vinyl sponsor stickers  


B85M Gaming Micro ATX Motherboard


R9 290 Vapor-X


Toughpower 850W Gold PSU

Urban SD1 Case

Water 3.0 Performer Water Cooling

As you can tell from the list above this isn’t any budget computer, we went all out. The cheapest you could possibly build this same computer for would be $1500 as of writing this. Here are photos of the build itself. The Micro-ATX build is big enough to still pack things like water cooling and a huge video card while still being portable. I expect to see this monster out at the next LAN! 

image 1

image 2

image 3

image 4

image 5

image 6

image 7

image 8

image 9

image 10

image 11

image 12

image 13

image 14

image 15

image 16

image 17

image 18

image 19

image 20

image 21

image 22

image 23

image 24

image 26

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You might call him obsessed or just a hardcore geek. Wes's obsession with gaming hardware and gadgets isn't anything new, he could be found taking things apart even as a child. When not poking around in PC's he can be found playing League of Legends, Awesomenauts, or Civilization 5 or watching a wide variety of TV shows and Movies. A car guy at heart, the same things that draw him into tweaking cars apply when building good looking fast computers. If you are interested in writing for Wes here at LanOC you can reach out to him directly using our contact form.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35565 02 Sep 2014 21:33
I'm really excited to finally be able to announce this project. We will also be working with another local charity as well for another project, expect to see a post about it very soon

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