The graphics for Arkham City are very impressive. While nothing about the beautiful slum that is Arkham City would be considered stunning, the environment is exactly that. From the details on the rundown buildings to the progressive wear and tear that your suit takes throughout the game, every bit of the game is visually stunning. The game looks real enough successfully make you feel immersed in the environment, but has just enough of a comic book feel that you are able to reflect and remininsce on childhood memories.

Arkham City_7


The audio is probably the best part of the game. Between the background music, the sound effects, and the voice acting, there is never a dull moment for your ears. The music is appropriate enough for the situations that you get put into, but the great part about this game in particular is that it gives you so much other stuff to listen to that the music doesn’t become annoying. You are constantly picking up on the conversations of your enemies as you wander around the map, they will talk about anything from storyline progression to just being afraid of “The Bat”. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of the voice acting in this game. From Mark Hamill as The Joker to the unsung hero that voiced Two Face Goon number twelve the voice acting is just superb. For anyone who might enjoy the silence, or for those that have other distractions around them, the game has subtitles.

Arkham City_2

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