Graphics and Audio

Dead Island runs on Techland’s Chrome Engine 5 and despite being a two year old game at this point still manages to produce some stunning and grotesque visuals. Sprawling vistas are eye catching and actually make you stop playing for a moment to admire them which is a compliment when shadows and darkness are used to full effect to provide a rich atmosphere with which to interact with. The cutscenes are done in the same engine as the game so they flow seemlessly from a visual standpoint but lack a certain overall feeling of epicness at points.

DeadIsland 16

DeadIsland 47

Still that is not to say everything is perfect. Many models get reused over and over again throughout the game and the sameness of enemies can set in but an environment this large can almost be forgiven in that respect. I ran the game fine at all times at 1920x1080 resolution and even with up to 20 zombies on the screen at the same time I could not notice any choke.

DeadIsland 14

The audio on the other hand does have its share of issues. The in game supported voice chat is very poorly supported and I would recoment another chat program when playing it with friend if you want that on the fly voice communication. The soundtrack sets the mood quite well and even inspires a certain amount of stress when you are surrounded by a dozen undead and down to your last weapon. Still it does have points where static is noticeable if only for fleeting moments.

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