Monster Truck Championship supports using a controller, wheel, or your keyboard so you have every option available. With the game available on all of the consoles it isn’t a surprise that the controller support is there and is great. The controls are exactly what you would expect with your right trigger for acceleration and left for braking. They use both sticks for steering because the monster trucks do have front and rear wheel steering and this is for sure the easiest implementation of the four wheel steering controls but you can also just turn on rear wheel sync if using both is too much. You even have full vibration support.

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I love that wheel support was included, every racing game should have it. There isn’t a good way to do the four wheel steering with a wheel though and they default to having the rear steering bound to the 7 and 8 buttons so you will want to use the synchronization toggle button which is 2 by default to turn that on unless you're on wheel controls are easy to reach while turning. Gear shifting support is there if you want to row the gears and the game fully supports a full clutch as well which helps a lot with that.

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As for the keyboard, this is what I did most of my playing with simply because it was easier to jump in and out of the game without having to get a wheel or controller out. They use the direction pad for your accelerate and breaking as well as the front wheel steering. The rear wheels use D and A from WASD so that is relatively comfortable as well and W and S for your shifting giving you two comfortable homes for your hands. The rest of the controls for things like resetting your truck and looking around are all around WASD with E and Q being used to look around C to look back and R to reset.

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