So the Glaive RGB continues the same black and yellow theme that the K95 Platinum also had. The front of the box has a large photo of the mouse features with the product name in the bottom right and the Corsair branding up in the top left. Beyond that, there are just a few features highlighted from the side of the mouse and also up on top with icons. The back of the box has another photo but this time they break down the features mentioned on the front with lines drawn to their locations and short descriptions. There is also a photo showing the three different thumb grip shapes.

image 1

image 2

The box also opens up to let you get your hand on the mouse to get an idea of how it fits your hand, something that to me is extremely important for anyone shopping retail and they show more on the swappable thumb grips as well.

image 3

Inside, beyond the mouse itself, they have a warranty guide and a manual for the mouse included for documentation. Then there is also a wedged shaped box that has the two extra thumb grips in them and a bag to put them in.

image 4

image 15


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Corsairs new mouse

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