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So the Glaive is a big of a unique mouse. It comes in a little heavier than most and the overall size is bigger than most mice as well with the exception of some of the large ergonomic mice that aren’t seen as often anymore. It shares a lot of shape with the Deathadder with the swooping shape from the rear and the larger shape. Corsair has this listed as an aluminum frame design similar to their original M65 but from what I can see there isn’t as much of a frame. The M65 has a complete aluminum frame where this seems to just have some up in the front with plastic being the main construction.

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The front of the Glaive has an RGB LED zone up under the triggers around the aluminum frame. Also from the front, we can see the wide triggers and that the triggers lean a little to the right side of the mouse. The back has that same lean as well. Both show that this is a right-handed mouse with no ambidexterity so left handed folks need not apply.

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The sides of the Glaive aren’t what I’m used to using. I normally prefer a side profile with enough shape that I can grip the mouse over a textured rubber finish for grip so I will be curious to see how I like it when I get into testing. The right side of the mouse is the only side out of the box with the textured grip the left side has a soft rubber finish with the out of box side grip but it does come with two other grips that I will touch on later. For side buttons, there are two thumb buttons on the left side only. They stick out a lot and there is a big gap between them and the thumb grips so you won’t accidentally get your thumb up on them unless you are looking for them. The buttons are dead center in the mouse so they should be reachable as well.

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The top down view of the Glaive does help show that it is a little wider than most mice, where most get slimmer in the middle it doesn’t do that as much. The triggers are even wider than that so if you have trouble with your fingers getting over to the edge of the triggers this should work better for you. Beyond that, up top we have a few things going on. For starters, there is the backlit Corsair logo under your palm. Then there are five dashes that light up to show which DPI profile you are currently on. The button behind the scroll wheel flips between the DPI profiles and then, of course, you have the scroll wheel. It has a rubber grip around it and just a single click when pushed down, no side clicking. The top of the mouse has a soft rubber finish except for the glossy strip above the left side buttons where there is also another RGB-lit stripe.

image 13

Okay on the bottom of the Glaive there are a few things going on. There are four Teflon feet and I like that the back feet are much larger, this is the area that will get more pressure as you hold the mouse and larger feet should spread that load out a little more and mean less wear on the feet. The silver area around the front is actually a small piece of aluminum that is a throwback to previous Corsair mice where the entire mouse has a solid aluminum construction, the Glaive doesn’t have that same solidness, but they included a little to give the same look. The removable thumb grip area has a small area where you can get a fingernail in to pull the grip off when swapping it out as well. Then we have the sensor, Corsair went with the PWM 3367 sensor, a revision of the ever popular 3366 sensor. It is optical and has a range of 100 DPI - 16000 DPI that can be adjusted in 1 DPI steps.

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The cord on the Glaive has a soft sleeving over it that is very similar to what you find on Logitech mice. The cord also comes with an attached Velcro strap to tie up any extra length. The USB plug has the same look as the K95 with this Corsair specific zig zag design in light gray and black. It is a little thicker than most cords but as long as you aren’t trying to plug in a thumb drive next to it you should be fine with clearance.

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So in the packaging, they also include two additional thumb grips for you to be able to swap out and a small drawstring bag for storing them. The bag is great because stuff like this is easily lost once you find the grip you prefer. Most people won’t be flipping between them other than initially when trying them out.

image 16

Okay so here are all three of the replacement thumb grips installed. They just clip on with a magnet so they are easy to swap out. The one that comes installed is the third picture and it is the most conservative. The other grips both have rubber on them and are thicker. One also has a wing on the bottom to sit your thumb on so it doesn’t drag on the mouse pad.

image 17

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