Just like the K95 Platinum, the Glaive uses the Corsair Utility Engine. They call the software CUE for short and it works with their keyboards, mice, and headsets to consolidate everything into one program for dedicated Corsair users. When you open it up you have a photo of each of the connected devices up top that you can pick from. For us, with just the Glaive installed it took us right to the Glaive section and there is a larger photo of the mouse.

software 1

On the left, you can click Actions and open up the actions menu. This is where you can reprogram each individual button. The options are basically just like other mice with the full range of software, media, and normal options. You can also record and create your own macros on this page to set them to a mouse button as well.

software 2

For the Glaive’s three lighting zones you can dive into the effects and colors in the lighting effects tab. I personally wanted to run a static color so I set static, set it to all three zones, then picked the color. You can also get into more effects and with each, you can make adjustments to the effects like setting the colors to rotate though and speeds. You can also sync all of the lighting across all of your Corsair devices.

software 3

The next section is just for DPI adjustments. By default you have five DPIs you can flip though to change your DPI and each can be changed or if you are like me and just want one DPI you can turn the extras all off.

software 4

The performance section could really just be combined with the DPI. Here you turn things like Angle Snapping and enhanced pointer precision. Both aren’t really needed but it is cool they are options that can be turned on or off.  

software 5

Surface calibration has you do a little test on your mouse and it calibrates the mouse sensor specifically to your mouse pad.

software 6

Then there is also a settings page. You can get into things like polling rate here even though that should be in the performance section and you can also update the mouse firmware. Beyond that, there are a couple software specific options like turning the software on at startup.

software 7


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