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So with the introduction of the Glaive RGB, Corsair finally has a mouse that is similar to the ever popular Deathadder. Where it is different however is the magnetically attached thumb grips that are included and swappable. The ironic thing though is that for me the base grip was my preferred style but I love that there are different options for people who like a different shape. Speaking of overall shape, the Glaive is great and was comfortable right out of the box for me. It has the same length and just about the same height as most mice and the Deathadder specifically, but it does end up being a little wider where it counts. Because of this, the Glaive is a great mouse for someone with a large hand, especially with the extra thumb grips letting you customize it a little bit. Performance for me was great mostly due to the PWM 3367 optical sensor, as a variation on the 3366 it tracks great and doesn’t have any of the common flaws that some sensors (especially laser sensors) have. Corsair didn’t go overboard with the RGB lighting although I would prefer to not have to have RGB in the product name, and the soft black finish feels good in hand. You get the two normal thumb buttons and in the software, you can program all of the buttons and record macros quickly as well. The software’s integration with other Corsair products should make things easier for diehard Corsair fans as well.

The only issue I had with the Glaive really was its overall weight. The additional width and I think maybe the swappable thumb grips both added to its weight putting it up at about 120 grams and it is noticeable. Especially for anyone who prefers a lighter mouse. I would have preferred to see the aluminum use expanded a little as well or dropped altogether. The small section used didn’t give the Glaive the same solid feel that the M65 has with its aluminum frame.

The Corsair Glaive RGB is priced right with the Deathadder Elite and you get a great mouse at that price. The brand name is just as big, the software is good, and the performance is there. This is especially a great mouse for someone with large hands who has trouble with none of the other mouse fitting just right but as always comfort and fit is going to be hand and preference specific.


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Corsairs new mouse

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