White, grey, and purple are what you can expect to see from Cooler Master when it comes to their packaging. The MM830 I recently took a look at had the purple and grey, the two SK boards, on the other hand, went with that bright white. They both have the purple stripe along the bottom with a large photo of the keyboard on the front. A sticker showing the Chery MX Low Profile up in the corner and below that they highlight the RGB lighting and have the genuine Cherry MX logo. The only thing that really stood out to me on the front of the boxes as new or different from normal Cooler Master was the dark purple that the SK630 had in its font, I don’t know if that was a printing issue for the pre-launch samples or what. Around on the back, they have another picture of the keyboards, this time from an angle. Around the photo they have features highlighted and then over on the right they list off the features in 8 different languages.

image 5

image 6

Now as the outside of the packaging of both boards showed, there wasn’t too much difference between the inside of the boxes, so I didn’t take duplicate photos. I was surprised to see that Cooler Master went with a nice felt bag for each of the SK keyboards. Typically, you get a plastic bag or a basic microfiber pouch to protect the keyboard. The choice to go with a higher quality bag is interesting. It has pull drawstrings on the end, much like the 1UP Keyboards sleeve I covered a few years ago. It isn’t as durable as that one, but I think that people planning to transport their SK630 or SK650 to LANs or to and from work can just use this and save some money.

image 7

image 9

Up under the keyboard, there is a pull out box with a few accessories in it as well as a small manual sitting on top. This was really the only difference between the SK630 and SK650 as far as inside of the packaging. They do have two different documentation, just to get the correct photo and product name on the front though. They both come with that short keyboard puller. This is another area where Cooler Master went a little more premium, most keyboards that come with a key puller only have those basic plastic hook versions. Cooler Master has included a full-length wire puller in the past and while this is shorter it might be better. The hole gives you a little better grip with a finger in it, assuming you have fingers. But I guess we don’t need to think too hard about that one, it is a keyboard, without fingers, you might have a little trouble. The wire design is important because it fits better between the keycaps. They the removable cord is with the accessories as well, you will need it, at least for these two SK models. It sleeves with a heavy/stiff black sleeving. I don’t like this sleeving with mice but for keyboards, it isn’t a concern for me. The cord is 1.8 meters long which is just short of 6 feet long, so it should reach most setups. It has a Type-C connection on one end and a traditional USB plug on the other. I love that they pre-attached a Velcro strap to it as well to wrap the cord up when transporting the SK630 or SK650.

image 8

image 28


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