The MM711’s box looks a lot like the MM710 only rather than the full purple look it has purple trim on the bottom and grey background. It still has a nearly life-size photo of the mouse on the front though and of course the RGB lighting is lit up for the picture. The MM711 name is the biggest font on the front making the model easy to spot and then below that they have a description that covers most of the mouse features. For everything else there are small circles on the right side that show the weight, sensor DPI, and the switch type. Then they also have the RGB icon as well. Around on the back of the box there is a side profile picture of the mouse and they highlight even more features. Some are the same as on the front, but there are others like the mouse feet and the shape. Each has a short description under it as well.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box, the mouse comes wrapped in foam and there is a V-shaped cardboard panel to keep it from moving around. Beyond that you get a simple user manual and a small baggie with an extra set of PTFE mouse feet. The MM710 and now the MM711 are the only mice that actually include extra feet which is a great addition.

image 3


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