The Deathadder V3 Pro, even in the white version that Razer sent over, sticks with the same look that Razer has had for their packaging for 12+ years. It has a black background which has the Razer triple head logo in the top right corner. They have a large picture of the mouse in the middle which with it being white stands out. Then down at the bottom, the Deathadder V3 Pro branding is in a reflective finish with a tiny Razer logo in green with it. Below that it has a short description that lets you know that this is a wireless mouse and that lightweight is the focus and its esports focus with it being one of their pro branded mice. They highlight three more features with icons at the bottom and one large one up in the top left for the Hyperspeed wireless. Around on the back, you can see some of the bright green used as an accent, and then the back has another angle of the Deathadder V3 Pro pictured in the middle. They touch on more features with lines kind of showing where they are and pictures of the gen 3 switches and a drawing of the included grip tape as well. You can see that they show that this is available in white or black and they also show the 2-year warranty back here with a badge for that as well.

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Once you cut the tape seals you can pull the top of the box off which is a harder more compact cardboard for both halves and the top just has one piece of foam that holds the mouse in place and the bottom has a tray with the Deathadder V3 Pro shape in it to keep it from moving around. So when you open the box up the mouse is right there in your face. Up under the mouse tray, there is a spot to hold the included wireless dongle and adapter and a box with the documentation in it with a small tab to help you pull it out in the center.

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The Deathadder V3 Pro comes with the same green card Razer has always included which has a welcome message from their CEO and his signature and you get a small black user guide book as well. Along with the documentation in that box, they also had the cable wrapped up which came with matching white caps on both ends which was a nice touch. You also get a card with a full set of grip tape. If you haven’t used grip tape before, this is a way to add more traction to your mouse with stickers and normally this would run you another $10 or more to pick up a set cut to fit your mouse so it’s a nice addition that Razer included a set with the Deathadder V3 Pro.

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