Razer Destructor

A few weeks ago we did a review on the Steel Series I-2 glass mouse pad. Now we are at it again with Razer’s newly released mouse pad, The Destructor. Razer is known for putting out quality products for the gaming community. In order to stay in touch with the gaming community they have been known to hire mostly gamers. They also get very involved in the professional gaming community as you can see HERE. Razer has gone as far as getting involved with Video Games Live recently. So today we are going to find out if being in touch with the gaming community helps product a better product. We will also find out how the destructor compares to my everyday mouse pad also made by Razer, the eXactMat. Read more after the jump

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SteelSeries I-2 glass mousepad

Over the past few years everyone and their mom has produced a “gaming” mouse pad. Our friends at SteelSeries are all about making anything to help improve your gaming. So it comes as no surprise that they produce gaming mouse pads also. In fact they sell 14 different variations for every type of gamer. They have provided us with a Blue I-2 mouse pad. I wouldn’t even call it a pad, this is the first mouse pad I’ve ever used made of glass. Click to read more about it….

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