It's often something we don't think about until we need it the most: a new notebook power adapter. Your laptop manufacture sent one with the computer, and its been great. But there are many reasons to consider picking up a spare and even more if you're a regular LAN attendee. These underestimated pieces of hardware can save you from a catastrophically epic fail. Great for gaming, work, or leisure an extra notebook adapter can even make you the savior of someone elses good time. However you look at, an extra adapter can never hurt. In fact, the one you pick up may end up out performing the adapter your laptop manufacturer sent. FSP Group has sent us a sample: the NB S90, with that exact goal in mind.

Product Name: NB S90 Universal Notebook Adapter

Review Sample Provided by: FSP Group

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The box in which the adapter is packaged is really quite a neat little thing, with plastic windows displaying some of the features on the actual product and images/tables to cover the rest. FSP does a good job ensuring the customer knows exactly what it is they're getting. If you've ever dealt with power before, you know how tedious finding the right match is, and how important ensuring its quality is. On the reverse side of the box, FSP alleviates some of this pressure by including specification and compatability tables, as well as compatibility matches with popular laptop brands. They area also anxious to list their stamps of approvals, including CE mark, FCC, UL Listed, and RoHS. Inside: the box is split in to compartments containing a nice, cloth carrying bag, a rack of 8 output plugs, and the adapter along with an outlet cord.







Preparing the NB S90 for use consists of two major steps. The first is to select the output plug that matches your laptop make. The back of the box should be used to verify this, as a table is included that is numbered to correspond with an image of the plug rack. You should also ensure that the outer and inner plugs are the same, and the plug length matches that of the factory adapter.


Once the correct plug is chosen, the adapter features a voltage switch that should be set according to the voltage of your laptop. To do this, simply pull the the two ends gently apart then turn the knob to match the desired voltage. Once selected press  the ends back together. Now it's just a simple matter of inserting a standard plug into a wall and connecting your laptop.



The plug side of the power adapter consists of a dual-prong interface when bare. This is where your plug of your choice will fit onto which can be a little tough. The connection here is meant to be tight and secure to help keep the detachable plug from removing itself unintentionally. The trade off is that it takes a bit of muscle to push the plug head on or pull it off. Everything is made from solid material, so there's no real threat of any immidiate damage but prolonged use and several plugs/pulls may wear down both the product and your arms. Other than this minor price for security the NB S90 runs smooth.


The NB S90 truly goes above and beyond any normal laptop adapter. The inclusion of a switchable voltage and the 8-piece plug rack ensures that it covers a wide range of makes and models. It's a great idea to have not only one for yourself but should your previous adapter suddenly quit or perhaps you forget it at home you've got a spare one ready to go. Also, if you're often in the company of others who use laptops; Let's face it: we're humans. We're going to forget things, and the chances of someone actually having an adapter that fits your laptop are slim enough, not to mention that a person would be willing to give theirs up. With the NB S90, you can score bonus points with any laptop user that's having a bad day. Since many of our readers are gamers often travelling to LANs, this is a must buy for laptop users. The last thing you want is to travel for hours to a LAN and find out you only have the present battery life to game. Simply throw the NB S90 in your LAN bag and you'll never have to worry about power again.


Edit: FPS's new web address is http://www.fspgroupusa.com, not the address listed below


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