Gigabyte wanted to make sure you remembered that you were picking up the ammunition you’re going to need to get an edge in your next game. They did that by designing the box to look like an aged ammo box. Of course it does have the G1 logo on the front along with G1.ASSASSIN right in the middle with rust running over top of it. The back of the box has a large photo of the board itself while breaking things down to Gigabytes focus points (Super Speed, Super Shield, and Super Hearing). Each of the three focus points having multiple items under it with full descriptions on how they will help you perform better while gaming.




Inside is a second box with a full digital camo design covering it. Inside you are greeted with a glimpse of the Assassin through a window in yet another box. Under that box they have a compartment with all of the boards accessory’s and cables. Of those accessories the front access control panel really stands out. A device like this wouldn’t be cheap if sold separately; it’s great to see things like this being included on today’s high end (expensive) motherboards. I was also impressed with the G1-Killer image on the rear I/O panel. It’s a small detail but does add a little style. To top it all off, along with the manual and software Gigabyte even provided a sticker sheet and a poster to go with the G1 Killer lineup.





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