Onboard Bigfoot Networks Killer™ E2100 Game Networking Platform

I have already discussed Bigfoot’s Killer NIC software and how much of a help it can be to prioritize your different programs to optimize your gaming experience. That is only part of the solution, if it was just software anyone would be able to do what Bigfoot is doing. Every Bigfoot product whether it’s integrated like the E2100 on the Assassin or their 2100 PCI card comes with what they call a Network Processing Unit or NPU. The NPU along with the 128MB of ram integrated on the Assassin offloads the network processing off of your CPU onto the NPU. This frees up your CPU to work on more important things, like helping you get that frag.

The other way that Bigfoot sets themselves apart is with the way they treat the Windows network Stack. Rather than going through the typical network stack Bigfoot bypasses it all together to give them full control of every aspect of your network traffic and to see things up by avoiding multiple windows operations to classify, sort, and prepare the data. The best part about all of this being packed onto the Assassin and other G1 Killer motherboards is this keeps all of the PCI Express slots open for you to run as many video cards as you can pack onto the board, all while having Bigfoots gaming optimized network performance. Not a bad deal if you ask me!


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