Onboard Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Digital Audio Processor (20K2)

I spoke about it before when going over the board layout but It’s important that I go over what Gigabytes “Super Hearing” is all about. Like the Bigfoot NIC that I just covered the X-Fi Digital Audio Processor was designed specifically to both outperform any of its competitors, but also designed with gaming as its top priority. That is why Gigabyte chose to integrated it onto the G1 Killer line of motherboards. The other benefit of integrating the X-Fi is keeping the PCI slots open for multiple video cards, just like their use of the Bigfoot Killer NIC.

Although in my opinion Creative’s EAX audio technology is dead, the X-Fi does include it, giving you the ability to put it to use on EAX compatible games. It’s really disappointing that EAX isn’t included on more games, the technology makes for a more realistic gaming experience pulling you into the game with 3D audio and the ability to have up to 128 different sounds at the same time.

When you’re not in game X-Fi CMSS gives you Virtual 3D Surround on your MP3’s and digital movies. The inclusion of the front audio headphone amplifier is also a great feature for both games and anyone who enjoys high quality audio on a set of headphones. The amplifier itself is a high capacity amplifier that is able to drive 150 ohm loads to give you a full range of crisp high end audio. Along with the headphone amplifier they included four others for your rear audio connections. To support the Creative audio and the amplifiers they used the highest quality Nichicon MUSE ES series and MW series Bi-Polarized audio capacitors for each channel. Although they look like the low quality capacitors we have seen on low end motherboards in the past, they really are some of the best that you can buy for top quality audio use.

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