Walk into a store like Micro Center, and enter the motherboards and you often see shelves of white boxes (Gigabyte), and shelves of black boxes (ASUS).  The box this board comes in is standard fare for ASUS, prominently advertising on the front the UEFI BIOS, the DIGI+VRM support, and that it is PCIe 3.0 Ready.

image 2

On the back of the box, two nice things about this board are advertised (in my opinion, of course).  The UEFI BIOS (EX Mode) is an awesome way to navigate the BIOS.  Shamefully, this is my first ASUS board (I have had Gigabyte in the past), so this is my first experience with a mouse and GUI driven BIOS.  While it does take a second or two to get used to, it is not difficult to navigate.  But we are jumping ahead.

image 3

Crack the box and you have a driver CD, I/O Panel, SATA cables and documentation.  Since this is a SLI capable board, a SLI bridge is also included.

image 4

Let us just be honest up front.  I love how this board looks.  I am a fan of the blue and black treatment and it really shines on this board.

image 5

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