This review is going to be a little different than some of the other board reviews on this site, but I will briefly mention the AI Suite II  software that comes with the board.  From this software you can monitor system fan speeds, temperatures, and literally change every single motherboard setting from within Windows (meaning you probably will never really have to see the fancy EFI BIOS at boot). 


As Wes has covered in the past, this software packs in all of its functionality into one suite unlike other board manufactures. From AI Suite II you can adjust everything down to the fan curve for each of the boards fan headers. This actually gives you more functionality than you can get from the UEFI BIOS. 

I will mention the Auto Tune results later in the article, but it is worth mentioning that in Windows is where you set the software to overclock the machine, and this is also where it runs the stress testing for making sure the system runs reliably at the overclocked settings.


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