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Kingston has the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition memory displayed in a hanging blister pack which lets you see the memory inside. The packaging itself has Kingston colors with red up top, white across the middle, and black down at the bottom as well as in between the red and white. Between Fury being on each of the memory sticks and having the logo down at the bottom and the name up top Fury is repeated multiple times across the front of the packaging. They also have the memory speed and capacity printed on, not hidden away in a swappable sticker. The RGB Special Edition branding is tucked away in that black strip up top as well. Then around on the back, they list all of the RGB software that will work with the lighting and they have a picture of the kit all lit up which is nice. There is a small window back here so you can read the sticker on the memory as well as the UPC in the bottom right corner as well.

image 11

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To get the clear plastic tray out you have to rip the cardboard packaging. Interestingly they have printed inside of the packaging basic line drawings on how to install the memory. Other than the memory the only other thing in the packaging is a small Kingston Fury brand case sticker.

image 13

Well, this is the business side of the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition memory kit and why the special edition in the name would imply that this is special because it is bright white or the RGB lighting and those do help it stand out from the other Fury kits. This is also a different heatspreader design from the rest of the Fury lineup which is a shame because I like the simple design that they went with here. The sides of the memory are relatively flat with this side having the raised Fury logo built into it with its machined finish. They have Kingston printed above the Fury logo and on the right side, it also has Beast and DDR4 printed on it. But the heatspreader itself doesn’t have some of the aggressive styling that other Fury kits have had. Then up at the top edge, the RGB lighting means a light diffuser runs the length of each stick and this one is visible from the top and the side. The only styling that they have given the kit is a wave shape to the top of the kit.

image 14

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The back side of the heatspreader on the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition kit has the same bright white finish. But this side doesn’t have the raised branding on it at all. The back side here is flat and is where they have hidden the information sticker. The sticker has all of the required certification logos on it as well as the model information on the kit as well as your serial number.

image 17

Then up on top, there isn’t any surprise given how visible the light bar is across the top from the side profile, but all you can see from the top on the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition memory is the light bar. The wave-like shape isn’t as visible looking top-down and the only other thing going on here is the FURY branding on the top edge.

image 18



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