The included software was a snap to install. The software auto detected that the webcam was already plugged in my USB port, and was ready to go. It also detected that Skype was already installed on my system, which I can appreciate as I do not wish to reinstall Skype. After accepting the default prompts it downloaded the needed packages which took about one and half minutes. Then it took another two to three minutes to install the software.  Overall, installation was very easy and took around 5 minutes or less.


The software lets you browse your picture and video files and setup quick uploads to Facebook and YouTube. There are different ‘apps’ inside the software for different functions, as well as more that you can get online. A couple interesting apps that you can get are ‘Motion Detector’ and ‘Fast Access’. Motion Detector is an app that will convert your webcam into a motion detection device, and can send you alerts if it detects motion when you are away. Fast Access can be setup to recognize your face and log you into Windows or websites. Some of the extra apps may be free and then some may come with a trial period and will require payment after a certain amount of time. 


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