The software comes with a pretty standard array of effects, from different avatars, masks or items you can place on yourself in the video stream.

Video - The 1080p video looks really good for just standard video conferencing. Tests with Skype seemed clear and crisp.

Audio - The audio personally leaves a little to be desired. My office is a small to medium-sized room and the audio is not that clear to my tastes. There is no doubt that it is good enough to make calls and web conferences on. However if I were making a lot of videos for YouTube, I would personally prefer something with a little more clarity. The next model up in the Logitech 'C' series features a nicer mic, but you lose the foldable design, which is a nice selling point of the C615.

I decided to try the one click video upload to YouTube. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive going in as I have witnessed other webcam software packages fail when uploading to Youtube. The Logitech software worked like a dream and the video uploaded with zero issues. I simply recorded a video, selected the video, pressed the YouTube icon, typed in my credentials, and pressed 'Upload Now' and away it went!

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