Honestly for the BRIO, I was expecting something eye catching and fitting of what was inside. What I got, on the other hand, was a cardboard box with a line drawing of the camera on the front. It gets the job done and is extremely under stated, but on the shelf I don’t think this really tells you what the BRIO is. The back of the box doesn’t do much as well. It has a note about the 3-year warranty and on the side, they explain where to download the software and what is in the box, but again nothing at all about the camera. Beyond it saying 4k in small letters in the corner on the front they don’t really push it. Maybe there is an outside slip cover that we just didn’t get or maybe Logitech is really confident in the BRIO.  

image 1

image 2

Inside the box they have another sticker telling you where to download the software and the camera itself comes strapped to a piece of foam on a cardboard tray. Under it was the detachable cable, a lens cover, and a small microfiber bag that you can keep it in when transporting it. The documentation was small keeping things simple with two safety and warranty guides that look to be almost the same. Then an Ikea like setup guide with line pictures and no instructions other than a URL to support.  

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