The box for the SX800-LTI is bright blue and will catch your eye right away. The front of the box has a photo of the power supply that shows the full-sized fan and the modular cables along with another fan picture faded away in the background as well. The front really covers the most important stuff like a note that this is an SFX-L power supply, the 800-watt capacity, and the 80 Plus Titanium rating. Down along the bottom though they have even more information with short one line facts about it.

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Then around on the back, there is even more of that bright blue. Here they have six key features split up into boxes to show graphs, pictures, or line drawings to support them. This gives you a look at the fan RPM curve, the ripple and noise graphs, an efficiency graph, and even a picture of the flat cables that are included. SilverStone still needed more room so they also slipped in the specifications along the edge of the box as well with a connection count also with it to help you know if you have enough for all of your devices. 

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Inside the box, the power supply itself is wrapped up in a plastic bag and then inside of two pieces of foam to keep it safe. It also has yellow warning wrapped around it to remind everyone that the fan only comes on when load or temperature targets are reached, so people don’t worry when they don’t see it on right away. For documentation, you get two things. One of SilverStone’s default manuals and then a smaller book specific to the SX800-LTI. Then there is a second box also inside, this is where you will find all of the cables. I was disappointed that there isn’t a small bag inside of that though to store your unused cables. You will have to keep this box to store extra cables.

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