Well like I said when I started out, I can’t test the SX800-LTI up to our standards so today I have just been looking at the power supplies features. With that in mind, I can’t give any awards or a final verdict on something that hasn’t been tested, but I can talk about the feature set and its pricing.

So SilverStone seems to of put together something very unique with the SX800-LTI, SFX power supplies are very small and they managed to put together an extremely efficient power supply into the form factor. The 800-watt capacity is also a big milestone because this is the sweet spot for a lot of people when building a high-end system to be able to run a top of the line video card and CPU and to leave room for overclocking. It also finally offers a real option when it comes to an SLI or Crossfire, anything less in wattage isn’t going to handle two 250 watt or more TDP video cards in addition to a system to support it.

The SFX-L form factor isn’t going to fit in every system, but when it comes to systems that would need that wattage I think the larger form factor is fine. I also think it really opens up options in SFF cases with ATX sized PSUs as well. I’ve done this multiple times now to open up airflow or to make room for other customization like water cooling or packing in an extra hard drive.

So the SilverStone SX800-LTI comes in at $179.99 on Amazon and right now is available for $187.99 on Newegg. I was curious how this compared to the competition so I had a look on Newegg for other 800-watt Titanium rated power supplies and it's not a big shock that there aren’t a whole lot of options. SilverStone actually had two of them then there was a Seasonic Prime Ultra for $190 an EVGA SuperNOVA for $221, both at 850 watts. The Full ATX SilverStone does come in cheaper at $164.99 but not by a large margin. In fact, the pricing for the SX800-LTI is in line with the market ignoring the SFX size. I personally think the smaller size makes this a good deal. Obviously, this isn’t a cheap power supply when you are just comparing at that wattage, but if you are looking for high efficiency it really brings the price up.

Coming back to the issue of the testing, I did want to drop a few links of power supply coverage of this exact power supply that I would recommend checking out. These are both LanOC friends but also most importantly extremely detailed testing of the performance itself. You should always check out more than one review anyhow and you don’t really get any better coverage than these for PSU performance testing.

Check out the SX800-LTI at JonnyGuru

Check out the SX800-LTI at HardOCP

Keep an eye out here soon, you will see the SX800-LTI in use here soon in a build.

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