The box for the Toughpower GF2 ARGB is your typical power supply box with a flip up lid. Thermaltake has the box decked out in a grey finish with the front mostly covered in black with just the grey around the edges and up top where they have the Thermaltake logo. The front of the box lists out its main features starting with the lighting, the smart zero fan, low ripple noise, Japanese capacitors, and the flat modular cables for its full modular design. They have RGB logos from all of the motherboard brands showing compatibility with all of their software’s and they have the GF2’s 10-year warranty featured in a bigger font than the other features. Then down at the bottom, they have the 80 Plus Gold logo and the model name which includes the 850 watt capacity of our specific sample. All of this wraps around the one picture of the power supply which is on the front. I love that they didn’t hide the product, you get to see it right on the front.

image 14

On the back of the box, they dive into a few of the features with more detail. Specifically, they have the power efficiency graphed out as well as the fan noise curve when using the smart zero fan option. Below that they show the <30mV low ripple noise design and show that they are trying to be strict on voltage regulation. Both use Intel’s specifications for comparison, which doesn’t compare the PSU at all to any competition. The back also has a breakdown of all of the power connections with pictures and an output specification listing as well.

image 15

When you get inside of the GS2’s box they have the documentation all up top in a plastic bag. Then below that, the power supply comes sitting in its thick foam and the cables are all next to that in a canvas bag. The Toughpower GF2 ARGB also is wrapped in a soft fabric inside of its foam cocoon with the Thermaltake logo on it. I’ve seen them use drawstring bags for this protection, but Thermaltake has just gone with a sheet of fabric wrapped around the power supply, like what most PSUs have these days.

image 16

image 17

image 18

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