Overall and Final Verdict

Well from the beginning I was excited to see what Patriot has been up too, for the most part we haven’t covered their drives in a long time. Right out of the hole I was really digging how the drive looks. It did have the same basic steel casing that the Striker had, but Patriot was careful to hide most of the info on the underside of the drive and put a nice looking sticker up top. When I dug into the drive I noticed that the Ignite seems to be the same drive as the Striker. That isn’t a big deal, the Striker did perform well for us. So is wasn’t a surprise when the drive performed really well in a lot of the benchmarks. The same goes for the really weak 4K 32QD results as well. Being a  Phison's PS3110-S10 drive the Ignite also gets the end to end data path protection that will help prevent small data loss when going through the drive before the data is hardened in the NAND. This helps keep things running quick, data loss means having to run the same bit a second time.

My only other concern with the Ignite was with its 3 year warranty. I would personally prefer to see SSDs have a 5 year warranty although I do upgrade within that 3 year window typically. So where does the Ignite fall price wise? Well the Striker was seriously impressive with both its price and performance and the Ignite comes in at the exact same price point currently. That makes this a great buy. I think the biggest decision you are going to run into at this capacity currently is if you want to get the Ignite or the Striker. It is completely a preference call, personally I would go with the drive that matches my build better.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36558 01 Apr 2015 18:42
I hope everyone who made it out to the LAN has recovered. I know I am finally back to getting work done as well. Today I take a look at the Ignite from Patriot, enjoy!

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