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Once I found my way into the packaging for the Eyefi Mobi I was surprised at just how easy it was to get everything setup. The card worked right away with our Canon T3i and they made it easy to setup with a simple app or PC program and the activation code on the included card. Once setup though it is very cool to see your images and videos shoot right over to your mobile device or PC, especially when thinking about how they packed the wireless into a tiny card. The mobile app and program are simple, but right to the point. On mobile they make it easy to use the app to share and upload your images.

The Eyefi Mobi isn’t perfect though. For starters if you have a tablet and a laptop that you plan on using with it. You won’t actually be able to transfer your images and videos to both. Once the file is transferred to one device it is marked and won’t transfer automatically when you reconnect to the other. Also If you take images in RAW it’s not going transfer them as well. I think the biggest thing is the issue of transferring files to your laptop when you use wireless to connect to the internet. In order for the program to sync with the card it does have to disconnect you. Also in the case of the specific card they sent, the 8 gig capacity can fill up in no time, especially when you aren’t plugging it into your PC daily and pulling files off of it.It does look like they have fixed most of those issues with the Eyefi Mobi Pro though, hopefully we will be able to give that a look in the future as well to confirm.

So is the Eyefi Mobi something you should consider? Well if you take a lot of photos and are lazy like me and what quicker access to them it is a great device/card. It does have some limitations but most are easy to work around. The biggest issue is when shopping for an SD card it is kind of hard to put a $6 8Gig card next to one that costs seven times as much. But I do think that price is justified given the features it does add. Just think, you could take photos and later when you go to get on your computer to edit them they are already there waiting for you! So I do recommend the Eyefi Mobi but I do think it has the potential to be even better.


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Today I take a look at an Eyefi Mobi that lets me wirelessly sync my photos to my PC or mobile device as I'm taking photos. Check it out

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