The packaging for the Trion 100 is basically an inverted copy of the Vector 180 that I took a look at last. OCZ matched the packaging to the silver theme of the drive, just like they did with the Vector 180 and its black top. The front of the box has the Trion 100 logo down in the bottom left corner but it is hardly visible with it being reflective on a grey. Then most of the front is just a photo of the drive itself, we get an OCZ logo here. Then down in the bottom right corner is the 480GB capacity of our sample. I love the simple and to the point design and I can never complain when they actually put the real product photo on the cover.

image 1

The back of the box has the product number as well as a serial number down in the bottom right corner. Then from there we have a short (very short) specification list that basically notes the 3-year warranty, the form factor, TRIM support, and the Toshiba TLC NAND used. The rest of the back has a short fluff paragraph and then a note that SSDs are faster and more durable than hard drives, that note is then repeated in every possible language.

image 2

Inside the box the drive comes in a clear plastic clamshell tray. This is a little different from OCZ drives in the past where the drive came in foam. They dropped the 2.5 to 3.5 inch adapter for this drive so you just get the drive and then under the tray are the installation instructions and note about returning defective drives directly to OCZ. I should also note that this also doesn’t come with the cloning software that OCZ more expensive drives come with as well.

image 3

image 4


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Happy hump day everyone, today I take a look at the OCZ Trion 100 SSD

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