Overall and Final Verdict

Well, I would say that Kingston has a solid introduction to their new Fury brand on the storage side with the Fury Renegade. The drive came in at the top of the charts on a majority of the tests I ran, outperforming multiple other Phison E18 based drives even. This was especially true when it comes to write performance and write IOPS where the drive really stands out. The only performance issues I ran into were when doing file transfers inside of Windows 11 and even then it was still fast, but just a little behind drives like the P5 Plus and Rocket 4.0 Plus at times. Kingston hasn’t lost their touch as far as styling goes, the all blacked out look is sharp and simple at the same time and they have kept the drive easy to install into most motherboards which now almost always have built-in heatsinks for their main M.2 slots by not going with built-in heatsinks beyond the thin metal backing to the front sticker. The Fury Renegade is available in drives as small as 500 GB and then at 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. This covers most of what people will be interested in.

The Fury Renegade in the 2TB version that I tested here is currently $435 at Newegg and $424 on Amazon. But for comparison, the Crucial P5 Plus and Sabrent Rocket 4.0 Plus that I tested against it are both over $100 less currently which makes the pricing on the Renegade a little hard to swallow. Pricing, however, does change over time, so I will say that the Fury Renegade is a solid pickup, assuming it is pricing competitively which right now as of this review it isn’t. Kingston hasn’t missed a step however with the move from the sale of HyperX to the new gaming brand Fury.



Live Pricing: HERE

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