The packaging for the RX 6700 XT Gaming X sticks with the same styling that all of their Gaming X cards have. This includes the black background and red used for trim and labels like the memory and PCIe badges in the bottom left corner. MSI includes a full picture of the card on the cover which I love, if you are shopping in retail it's nice to be able to see what you are getting right away. Then in the background, they have lighting effects going out from the two RGB accents on the front of the card. The front has a red wrap around which gets you the model name and then the Gaming X branding is over on the left. Around on the back is another angled picture of the card, this time showing the top edge including the RGB backlit logo and the dual power connections. They have a basic feature listing and the system requirements built into AMD's wrap around but there isn’t anything that would be helpful in the store like the card size or clock speed. . Then up above the card picture MSI highlights features like the fans, their software, and the Core Pipe heatpipes with a drawing and a description.

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Inside the box, you get a cardboard tray with a foam tray inside and a piece of foam as well. The bottom foam is cut out around the GPU which sits in its static protective bag. Then the other foam protects the top. Over that MSI has a black envelope that has the MSI branding on the front. This has your documentation. You get a user guide as well as a cartoon on how to upgrade your video card. There is a registration card and then a small paper with info on other MSI products. There weren’t any other accessories, which I was surprised that MSI didn’t include a support bracket like that have with a lot of their other cards.

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