The RX 6700 XT has been exciting, having already taken a look at one other card we know that it performs well in the 1440p range and is a monster for 1080p for anyone looking to run a high refresh rate monitor. The first card I took a look at was an overclocked one from MSI but XFX also sent over a card. I was impressed with their new styling when I took a look at the Merc 319 6800 XT and from what I’ve seen the Merc 319 6700 XT has a similar setup. The name alone tells us that this is their high-end model and it has the triple-fan cooler. So it will be interesting to see if the 6700 XT performs even better with the cooler and we get the chance to check out card-to-card performance as well which is a rare chance in the current market. So let’s jump in and see what it is all about and find out if it’s the 6700 XT to pick up.

Product Name: XFX MERC319 6700 XT

Review Sample Provided by: XFX

Written by: Wes Compton

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Model Number


Product Name

AMD RadeonTM RX 6700 XT

Product Description

XFX Speedster MERC319 AMD RadeonTM RX 6700 XT BLACK

Gaming Graphics Card with 12GB GDDR6, HDMI 2,1, 3xDP,


Base Clk up to

2457 Mhz

Game Clk up to*

2548 Mhz

*"Game Clock" is the expected GPU clock when running in typical gaming applications, set to typical TGP (Total Graphics Power). Actual individual game clock results may vary.

Boost Clk up to

2622 Mhz

Default GPU TDP


Card Dimension (cm)

32.3 x 13.2 x 5.1

Card Dimension (inch)

12.72 x 5.20 x 2.01

Bus Type

PCI-E 4.0

Stream Processors

2560 (40 CU)

Memory Bus

192 bit

Memory Clock

16 Gbps

Memory Size

12 GB

Memory Type


Card Profile

2.6 Slot

Thermal Solution

3 Fan


As always I did run GPUz and get a screenshot. I do this to double check to make sure the card I’m testing has the correct clock speeds for one. Our MERC 319 did come in a hair higher than the listed boost clock here at 2629 MHz, 7 MHz higher than listed in the XFX specifications. I’m not sure if that was an issue with our BIOS or an error in their specifications, but it was a small difference. Beyond that GPUz also keeps track of our BIOS revision and the driver which was the pre-launch AMD provided driver. 

image 4



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