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05 Nov 2013 09:00 #33248 by SpeedBump

This one. Hi guys, if there is anyone out there with this case that can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to mount 3 fans up front and need to know the exact inside measurement from top to bottom. Would like to do two 120s and a single 100 in the middle of them. I will be removing all the drive bays, both top and bottom, basically gutting this complete case. I will not be doing any water cooling except for maybe a simple CPU loop using a single 120rad in the top rear. (I want to do the loop, the sponsor kinda on the fence :p )

A little more info on the upcoming build. I can't discuss any details yet, but it is a full sponsor mod that will be using a certain company's newest AMD GPU and it will be unveiled at the upcoming CES in Vegas. (that is the reason for minimal water cooling if any, as they want to show off the new card in the retail version.) It should be really sweet when completed. I will be completely reworkin the rear panel to mount the card vertically and it will be showcased with a full view of the cooler in a custom window. Haswell and Z87, Corsair SSDs and RAM, Seasonic X750 PSU.

Anyway, the case will be here next week and I really need to get these measurements so I can start planning. Hook a brother up if ya can guys. Thanks in advance.

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