A look back at 2018’s award winners

03 Jan 2019 19:06 #38611 by garfi3ld
Anyhow every year at the start of the year (yeah...

I hope 2018 has been a good year for everyone. Much like 2017, 2018 was a crazy year. Moving in late 2017 caused a slowdown early on and I don’t think I have gotten back up to the production level that I would like. The 58 articles published this year backed that up, down from last years 117 and 80 the year before that. In 2018 LanOC reached the 10th anniversary of publishing reviews, planning for the huge giveaways we did with that also cut into normal publication time. So my goal in 2019 is to get my workflow worked out to get more coverage up including more smaller side projects like our Nixie clock project. 2019 looks like it will be just as exciting with leaks of launches already coming from the big three.



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03 Jan 2019 19:50 #38612 by VaporX
On the issues of wireless mice I tried the various charging pads and then discovered the G613 and G603, TRUE WIRELESS and they are awesome. Almost 7 months to first replacement of batteries in the G603 and ti gave me about 30 days warning to replace. The psuedo wireless is okay but there is a wire for the charging cables or the charging mat. These have zero cables anywhere on my desk. Only my headset is now wired and that runs under the desk. Love the clean look this gives.

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