Loaded with cutting-edge hardware and leading specs, the brand new GIGABYTE Z590 motherboards have made a strong impression of premium quality and bold style among the PC community. The GIGABYTE Z590 motherboards have achieved massive success since the launch, from dominating the overclocking world rankings to earning the world-renowned Red Dot design award, once again, affirming GIGABYTE’s leadership in PC hardware!

Dedicated for extreme overclocking, Z590 AORUS TACHYON is a motherboard that was jointly designed by overclockers for overclockers. With this motherboard, GIGABYTE teamed up with world-class overclockers and managed to push the latest i9-11900K processor to a record-breaking 7314.41MHz. A new world record that proves yet again GIGABYTE motherboards have amazing overclocking capability and durability. Designed for PC enthusiasts, the flagship Z590 AORUS XTREME comes with a comprehensive package, featuring the highest 20-phase digital power delivery on the market, the highest memory frequency support, and a next-gen PCIe 4.0 ultra-fast data transfer, to deliver uncompromising performance in every aspect.

GIGABYTE Z590 motherboards are also highly recognized for their style. With their striking aesthetics and creator-friendly features, the creator-targeted Z590 VISION series motherboards caught the jury’s eyes and won the Red Dot Design Award 2021. Yet again, proof of extreme performance with aesthetics from GIGABYTE product design. GIGABYTE Z590 motherboards offer a diverse range of enticing features resulting in being the best choice for high-end computing and gaming. Users are invited to game or create on this award-winning platform and experience the stability brought by the robust power delivery and the high-speed performance of PCIe 4.0 from GIGABYTE. For more information, visit GIGABYTE’s official website: www.aorus.com/motherboards/intel/

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