Well to start things off, the new Jaybird Vista 2’s have a new look for their packaging. The first Vista’s has a white background with mountains in the background with a bright yellow trim. This time around for the Vista 2’s the box has a grey stone look for the background. They have a picture of the headphones on the front which I like then down at the bottom they have the model name but it is very small.  Below that they have a series of dashes and dots in green. They are missing spaces, but this is morse code for jaybird. Around on the back, you can see that same green trim is used on the outside of the box and on each of the main titles on the back. Each of those highlights a feature which then has a description below that. The back has a picture of the carrying/charging case as well and down at the bottom they have a line drawing that shows you everything that comes inside of the box.

image 8image 9


When you open the packaging up, the carry case is right there up on top along with a bottom box that covers up all of the accessories inside and has a QR code that helps you get started. Under that lid, you have a stack of paperwork which includes a quick start guide, a small paper with an appendix to the specifications, and then a warning paper with all of the safety information. Also up under the lid, you have two other accessories, the cord and a pack of eargels.

image 10


image 11


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So the charging cord that comes with the Vista 2’s is short and has a typical type-a connection on one end and type-c on the other so most people with type-c charging on their phones will be able to just use their phone charger. As for the eargels, I like how Jaybird has packaged these. They come in a plastic tray and are sealed. This tray gives you a place to store the four extra eargels. These give you different sizes to help find what fits you best and they also all have different “wing” designs as well. One comes without wings at all, the set that comes preinstalled on the Vista 2’s has a medium sized wing, then the last set has a thick wing. That wing hooks on the inside of your ear to help hold everything in. This tray keeps the eargels from being smashed and deformed so they should work well right out of the box. BTW, you can order new replacements from Jaybird if you lose any of these and they have them in black like here, white, and in a midnight blue color.

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