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The Logitech G Pro X TKL LIGHTSPEED Gaming Keyboard isn’t Logitech’s first Pro-focused Tenkeyless keyboard but it is their first Pro wireless keyboard. But beyond just the addition of wireless, they have changed other things up while keeping what has been great from the previous Pro keyboards. The bezel-less design keeps the boards' footprint small and also makes keeping things clean easy. Then up on the top edge, out of the way, they have expanded on the buttons available there by adding in full media controls and a volume wheel and still keeping the brightness and game mode buttons. All of those top buttons which you would think would be mushy membrane keys all have defined mouse-like clicks.

The compact design is paired up with a hard-shelled carrying case that keeps the Pro X TKL safe when transporting it, the only thing missing there is maybe a spot in the case to also include your mouse as well to keep it with your keyboard. The new Lightspeed wireless performed flawlessly in my testing and the battery life of the Pro X TKL was surprising. Keeping things charged is easy with the move to USB Type-C as well. The wireless setup has some flexibility as well, the Pro X TKL can share the wireless dongle with some of Logitech’s mice and you also have Bluetooth as well which lets you connect the keyboard to two different devices at the same time.

Logitech went with PBT keycaps that are doubleshot which should help with longevity and the Kailh switches in my experience have been solid. I do wish they would have gone with the Kailh box switches which are more stable and feel smoother when you type. At least they have included tactile brown switches which often get forgotten and it is the only option when it comes to the white and pink color options. Speaking of the color options, like with the Superlight 2 the Pro X TKL is available in more than just black, you have an all-white and a bright pink that match up with their other Pro peripherals and they look great.

For downsides, in addition to not having the Kailh box switches the backlighting on the Pro X TKL isn’t as bright as on some wired keyboards. That isn’t to say that it isn’t bright enough, functionally I don’t need any more light than it provides. But if you are expecting it to be bright enough to be glowing out under the keycaps, that isn’t the case here. I’ve got it down as a con but it is more of a preference, but I would love to see this same design be expanded into other keyboard sizes. An even more compact 65% board for example and a full-sized keyboard as well. I say that because I’m a fan of the design but for my main PC I still need a number pad and for my LAN rig I would be willing to give up the F key row and the other keys for an even more compact design.

For pricing the Pro X TKL has an MSRP of $199 which isn’t cheap but it is in line with past Logitech keyboards. They sold the wireless TKL G715 for $199 the larger full-size wireless G915 starts at $119.99 and even the older wired Pro X Keyboard was $149. Even the competition is similar with the SteelSeries Apex Pro 2023 TKL having a $250 MSRP. The Pro X TKL is a solid keyboard and I don’t think you are going to find a better wireless mechanical TKL keyboard right now. But it is going to cost you.


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