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So the packaging for the Viper Steel kit sticks with the same theme as the kit itself. That includes black and various shades of grey design with Viper Gaming logos in the background. There are renderings of the memory on the front and then down below that the Viper Steel branding. If the Viper name, Viper logo on the renderings and in the background wasn’t enough they also have the Viper Gaming logo in the top left corner with the only use of color to help it really stand out. The model details are all in the top right on a sticker that can be changed from model to model. Our kit is the 2x8GB 16GB kit running at 3866MHz. I’m surprised they also didn’t include the timings on the sticker as well though. Around on the back, the model name is on the small barcode sticker in the bottom right. They have all of the different social media names listed. Then the rest of the back is basically filled with a short description repeated over and over in 9 different languages. They do touch on the lifetime warranty with a small logo in the bottom corner, to me that is something I would want to put on the front to really get peoples attention.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box, both sticks of RAM come in one clear plastic clamshell tray. They also included two Viper logo stickers as well.

image 3

Both sides of the heatspreader on the Viper Steel kit are the same and the heatspreaders are made out of stamped aluminum with a brushed finish. There are small winglets down on the bottom that are slightly bent in which line up with the black screen printed design that runs across the middle of the heatspreader. In between those are Viper Gaming logos with a machined aluminum finish.

image 4

image 5

Up at the top, the stamped heatspreader bend in and have a few small vent holes cut in them. That area is bent up and over a black insert, this ties the two heatspreaders together and matches the screen printing on the sides with its anodized black finish. The top part has notches cut into it on one half and Viper branding on the other. It’s the top insert that really brings the whole look together, without it the two grey heatspreaders would have that older styling, but altogether I really dig the look. It would go especially well with the Asus Strix lineup but the gray with black trim look should match almost any build.

image 6


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