Well normally we would have a full look at the retail packaging, but with this being the launch of HYTE they did something special with some of the Revolt 3’s including ours. They have a special edition Revolt 3 for the first 200 purchases that come in a custom hard plastic flight case. If you are looking to get one with this case, from what I understand it is a thank you to the earliest adopters on the website. Apparently you won’t know if you were one of the first until it comes in though I do hope they consider offering the flight case in the future as well because there are people who buy hard carrying cases for their SFF builds and it does help protect your system when transporting it. Anyhow, I wanted to make sure everyone knew how you can get your hands on this, lets now take a look at the flight case itself!

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The flight case by my measurements came in at 22 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 10 and a half inches deep. That is a touch above the standard carry-on size, Southwest for example has their size limit at 10 x 16 x 24, but we all know that LOTS of people go over the carry-on size limits and this one is so close that it may not get noticed.  The case itself is 13 pounds, so keep that in mind with your system weight as well but we will check in on that later when we have the system together. But overall this is a relatively standard carry-on style hard case. It has two wheels at the bottom and the pull-out handle to make it easy to pull behind you. There are latches on both of the sides and two on the long side that keep it sealed and you can add locks as well. They also included a cool special edition badge on top which is numbered, ours is 220/230. I assume the 230 count here includes the 200 for the early adopters and then the 30 are press/reviewers which is good to know we aren’t cutting into someone’s chance to get one at launch. The case also has normal carrying handles on the top and the side if you need to carry it which avoiding the vibration of a rough surface for example might be a good idea.

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Inside right on top, they have a big thank you card for the luxe flight editions with a QR code as well. They also left a nice clue in the text as to what the next HYTE brand product will be as well. Under that, you have the installation manual. The instructions are simple. They start with the specifications and pictures and a list of everything included. Then they have small line drawings with the component you are working with color coded to run you through building in the Revolt 3. They also have a QR code pointing you to a more detailed online set of instructions as well.

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Under the documentation, you can finally see the Revolt sitting in its thick foam home in the case. They have it cut perfectly to fit the case. Between the hard plastic and then this foam it is extremely well protected. The top also has its own cut foam to fit around everything as well. Then at the back, there is a long slot that you can use for cables or a keyboard. For the special edition, you can see they filled it will a special copper grill that you can swap out with the base black grill for the front of the case and they used white foam here to hold the grill but that foam can be pulled out for when you use this space later.

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