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For graphics settings, I played the game out of the box with things cranked up to the Epic setting and playing at 1440p. My system which is sporting an RTX 3080 now and an RTX 2080 at the start of my testing handled things without any issues. But just how good does the game look?

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Well, you aren’t going to be all that impressed when you first load into a game. They start with a panning shot to show your map or arena and the detail level on parts of the background are especially low like with the crowd in an arena. Even some of the obstacles are especially low in detail like the arrows on the orange pillar in the picture below. The maps themselves are cool, but they are a lot less immersive than the backgrounds that you will find on most other racing games.

image 7
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I wouldn’t call the inside view of the trucks highly detailed but you can see some details like your hands, and steering wheel. There are gauges and you can see the roll cage. You can even see through to the ground just like you would on a monster truck. The detail levels should be a lot higher IMO for a modern game. Especially here where you are looking at things up close and it isn’t like the interior between the trucks changes much.

image 3

The standard view which is a third person behind the truck view is what you will see the most and the truck have the most detail out of everything in the game. When you have damage turned on you will see body panels falling off as you roll which is great as well. I would best compare the overall level of detail with GTA 5 and not GTA 5 with all of the mods available these days. Which is without a doubt the most disappointing part of the game. It is good looking enough to have fun and on the current gen consoles it may not even feel out of date, but on PC the difference is really easy to spot.

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