Droid Turbo Photos and Features

While the Droid Turbo is basically based on the MotoX when you take a look at it you can see that it comes from the MAXX family of phones. They packed in a high capacity battery, the rubbery coating, and the carbon fiber weave design on the backplate are all features that all of the MAXX phones have had. That isn’t a bad thing though, as a whole the MAXX phones have been some of the best phones on the market at any given time.

turbo 6

The bottom edge of the Turbo sticks out a little past the bottom of the glass where a lot of phones have been keeping their bezels to a minimum. Another feature that is a little strange is the built in buttons where most phones have increased their screen size by running the buttons onscreen. This should make things interesting when the Turbo gets 5.0 with its new button icons. Up on the top half of the front of the turbo you have a center mounted 2MP front facing camera. The speaker up top is much larger than normal, running nearly from one side to the other where most phones have been closer to a half inch wide, I wonder if that will make for a louder ring and speakerphone, I will find out in testing though.

turbo 7

turbo 8

The Turbo is a little thicker than other current phones at .42 of an inch. This is because of the larger battery capacity mostly. They still managed to bevel the edges a little but not as much as the G3 and the MotoX. The beveled edges help make the phone feel thinner than it really is when you hold it. Up on the top edge you have a microphone/headphone plug that is mounted close to the right side of the phone. The right side of the phone has thee color matched buttons. The top button is the power/unlock button and the other two are volume controls. I was just happy that they didn’t try to do anything crazy like on the G3. Down on the bottom edge is the USB charging port, we can see here that they didn’t try to make the phone waterproof or anything like that because there isn’t a cover.

turbo 9

turbo 10

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turbo 12

On the back of the phone we can really see the bright Verizon red. Near the middle of the back we can see through the red coating to see the ballistic nylon weave. There is an additional Turbo model that offers a Kevlar weave as well. Down on the bottom is the Droid logo along with the Verizon logo. Up under the camera is a black plastic plate with the Motorola logo on it as well. As for the camera you get dual LED flashes, one on each side of the lens. The camera takes pictures in an impressive 21MP format if you would like and can record video in up to 4K.

turbo 13

turbo 14

turbo 15

Motorola packed in a nice screen as well with an impressive 2560 x 1440 resolution. You will need that to view those mega high resolution photos the phone takes.

turbo 16

turbo 17


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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #35973 12 Dec 2014 18:45
Well its Friday again, we all made it another week. Today I take a look at two of the latest and greatest Android phones to see how they compare to each other. Enjoy the review and have a great weekend!
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Deb0 replied the topic: #35975 13 Dec 2014 12:55
The biggest drawback for me on the Turbo was no SD card expansion. I ended up getting the 64gb version and have curbed my music hoarding. I'll put some photos of mine up in a later post.

One thing of note that I think you went over quickly was the larger charger the Turbo comes with. This is actually a power supply in addition to being a USB-AC adapter (which make it larger) This, of course increases its amp output substantially and charges things even faster than a 3.0 SuperSpeed port would (0-full charge on my tablet in about 20mins, 0-full charge on the turbo in about 40mins.) Sure it may not consolidate on size but it is an amazing addition to the retail package as the charger sold separately retails for $35.
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Deb0 replied the topic: #35976 15 Dec 2014 02:18
As promised: imgur.com/a/XxO68

The weave looks very nice in my opinion and, as you can see, unlike the 32gb version there is a lack of the obnoxious Verizon V branding on the back giving the phone an overall sleeker appearance.

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