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Let me first say that the combination of the ECS1008P 8-port PoE Managed Switch and the ECW230 WiFi 6 Access Point that EnGenius set over is without a doubt a business-focused solution. For my specific situation, where I have a full home network combined with my office network as well though it is exactly what I needed. For some of you, the transition to WiFi 6 is still a little while out. 2020 will be the year that most mobile devices switch over and we have already seen mid to high-end motherboards starting to include it as well. So hopefully in 2020, we see laptops all make the move as well as lower-end motherboards and other devices. One thing is for sure though, WiFi 6 as a whole is exactly what is needed with so many devices trying to connect these days.

My experience with the ECW230 and namely with their EnGenius Cloud was impressive. Setup was as easy as installing their app and scanning the QR codes to add both devices to my network. I was able to keep an eye on everything from the app or from my browser window including getting notifications from the app for anything important. This is perfect for business use where the IT department can be aware of issues even when away from their desk. Compare this to the Unifi access point I have been using where setup requires you running an on network server to keep track of things or buying an additional product to run the server for you.

Then you have the performance, which was a lot more impressive than I expected. The only downside on the performance side of things is that I now have to wait for more devices to get WiFi 6. Now the ECW230 did have a few small issues. Namely, it is a little thick for a slick/smooth installation especially with the mount sticking the AP out a little. On that same note, the mount integrating installation right on to the grid used in drop ceilings was a nice touch for business use! The other issue of note is that it does run a little warm. My other AP is warm to the touch as well, but the ECW230 was warmer and all over front and back. Neither is really an issue at all though.

Now for the price, we do have to remember that this is a business-focused solution and those are typically more expensive. Especially when you are looking at newer tech which WiFi 6 falls under. That said the ECW2320 is expensive with it currently only available for $499. The premium does get you dual-band 802.11ax and a 4x4 antenna configuration which gets you four 5 GHz and four 2.4 GHz. The ECW230 has an upgraded CPU with the Qualcomm Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53s @ 2.0GHz CPU, compared to the A53s running at 1 GHz quad-core for the next step down in the ECW220. You also get a 2.5 GbE network connection to help handle a high number of clients. For a high demand situation, the ECW230 has everything you will need in the transition to WiFi 6.


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