I used the iVisionwear glasses for about 8 hours of game play on the Main Gaming Rig, which has triple 24in monitors.  That is the same PC I  use for Gaming News and found them to be quite comfortable throughout my sessions. I like “lighter” glasses, the iVisionwear, rather than big "beefier", Gamers Edge, ones. They felt great the whole time I was using them. Never did I say, “I can actually tell that I am wearing these” and that is what you want. You want glasses to disappear while you where them, you want to forget that you are wearing something on your face. Both of the glasses use what Vision Concepts calls an "iEDGE Lens Filter" it is suppose to "eliminate the harmful artificial light emitted from the average computer or digital device." I have been gaming for a long time now and I have never had a problem with my eyes getting tired. These do try and enhance the image that the monitor is trying to display but from my use it almost seems to soften the colors a bit. If you are working on editing photo's I would stay far away from any type of non-prescription glasses because these do change the color's appearing on the screen ever so slightly.
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Wingless92 replied the topic: #21343 02 Dec 2011 22:47
A good entry level starting point for gaming glasses.
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Dreyvas replied the topic: #21346 03 Dec 2011 00:33
I was not aware these existed. Started reading the article thinking they were 3D or something. So basically they're f.lux in glasses form? stereopsis.com/flux/

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